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Condelway digital contents catalogue

Through the Condelway platform we provide digital contents in three different ways ranging from our easy-to-install and customize free widgets to our corporate subscription package which provides the subscriber a personalised web service. Understanding that every user has their own needs, a low cost option is also available; One Web Full Content allows the subscriber to display all contents without any branding, and of course, is very simple to install and customise.

Free EU widgets to display contents
In minutes you can display information about the European Union to your users without having to worry about updates or maintenance. You install and deploy once and then provides a fully functional service. Provided that you maintain the branding elements (logos and links), you can customise the layout of the widget to your website(s) as you please. We expect your website to be free for all its users (even if signing in is necessary). Currently the following options are available:
Everything on your website - One Web Full Content
For a small amount per month, it is possible to display all contents, continually updated, on your organisation's website. Using the programming language that you chose, it is possible to display, filter and sort the contents without having to store them on your own database. This subscription allows you to remove any supplier branding and to deploy through private non-pay websites (e.g. corporate Intranet). The service does not allow for the storage and redistribution of contents for profit. Currently the following subscriptions are available:
  • News from the EU - 30 €/month (360 €/year) + VAT
  • Calls for proposals + Programmes and European Initiatives from OJ - 45 €/month (540 €/year) + VAT
  • Calls for Tenders and EU business opportunities - 60 €/month (720 €/year) + VAT
Corporate access to personalised web services
From your own personalised web service you can get the EU contents that you chose from the database. The response you receive from the web service can be a data collection in the programming language that you chose or complete access to the WSDL specification of the web service. If you would like to keep your users up to date on everything happening via bulletins, RSS or any other way of dissemination, this is your best option. You will have access to continually updated information which you will be able to save easily onto your systems. These superior subscriptions are based upon our basic contents packages. The following options are available:
  • EU Calls for Proposals
  • EU News
  • Programmes and Initiatives from OJ
  • Tenders and business opportunities from the EU

None of the licenses allow for the commercial redistribution of the contents, but if you are interested in a licence of this kind, please contact us.

If you have any doubts when choosing the right licence for your needs you can contact us at

If you want to deliver your contents through Condelway by any of the means above and you need more information do not hesitate to contact us at

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